Say No To Bighorn Country Provincial Park

A park, what could be wrong with a park? On the surface all would seem good for recreational activities. No loss of designated trails. The problem is that there is no current process to recognize or allow a trail to be designated. If a trail isn’t designated it is lost or closed if Bighorn becomes a park. Essentially a park means no trail riding or OHV activities.

A Yes vote isn’t a vote for the environment, it’s a vote against many of the recreational activities that currently happen in the Bighorn Country. A No vote isn’t a vote against the environment. It is a vote to work with Alberta Environment & Parks to properly manage the back country. It is a vote for the local residents not the suits in the city or a foreign country.

Wake Up and Stand Up for your ability to responsibly enjoy and protect nature. Please complete the letter below and press send to distribute it to the Government of Alberta. Personalize it if you like but please keep it PG. If you really want to be heard please click on the link below to complete the full Bighorn Country AEP Survey.


Say No To Bighorn Country Provincial Park

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