ATV & Quad Safety Week

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ATV & Quad Safety Week begins June 4th and runs until June 13th”. Safety Week is a 10 day reminder to ride safely 365 days a year. Safety starts before the key is turned and the motor is fired. It starts with the desire for the rider to be the best they can be. This can be achieved through proper training (click here for the link to CASI training). Safety awareness continues with the following considerations;

  • Proper training and knowledge of the machine
  • Proper riding gear including a helmet that fits properly and is secured correctly
  • Proper eye protection
  • ATGATT – ride with All The Gear All The Time!
  • Ride only the proper sized machines. Never let youth riders ride full sized machines
  • Never drink and drive/ride
  • Try to avoid riding alone. If you do ride alone make sure someone knows your route and schedule
  • Ride at your own pace
  • Stick to terrain and trails you are comfortable with. Don’t let peer pressure lead you down a trail that is above your skill level.
  • Manage your speed according to the terrain, the conditions and the posted limits